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3 days in the Amazon Tambopata National Park - Day 2

 We ate breakfast at 5.30am and at 6 were ready to set off for another day in the jungle. After about 20 minutes boat drive on the river we reached the entrance of the Lake Sandoval located within the Tambopata National Park. Here we had to register and it took about 40 minutes walking through the jungle to reach the lake. On way to the lake we saw several impressive birds and even some Capuchin Monkeys. The lake used to be part of the Madre de Dios River but due to sedimentation the lake was closed off from the river, making room for a new ecosystem in the jungle.

UFO's in Peru!!

So it may not come as a surprise that Peru’s official UFO investigation department recently opened its doors again after a 5-year closure. The decision was made due to an increase in reported UFO sightings across the country in the last year. The investigation unit, known as The Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, plans to gather experts in science, history and astronomy to help analyse some of these unexplained sightings.

7 Day Peru Vacation Package

In this blog we would like to make a case for a little more unusual destination to think about for a 7 day vacation package but nonetheless a great alternative. For people from the USA, a week-long adventure to Mexico, Puerto Rico or even the Dominican Republic is not that far-fetched but few people would consider Peru in this list.

Therefore hereby we would like to point out the reasons why a 7 day Peru vacation package first perfectly in this list.

Peru; This is your next luxury vacation destination

There used to be a day when discovering Peru was only for the hardcore travellers with little or no need for luxury or comfort. As Peru has now established itself as one of the top destinations in South America, mainly under the impulse of the popularity of the Lost City of the Incas; Machu Picchu, luxury tourist facilities are more and more on the increase and no longer a rarity when traveling through Peru.