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Peru’s most important cultural festivals

This makes that the Peruvian calendar is packed with celebrations and festivities all over the country, varying from region to region. Every day you can find a city or a village where a Saint is celebrated or where a cultural festival dedicated to the region is being held. Therefore making a complete list of all the festivities and festivals in Peru is almost impossible. Taking this into consideration, below we will try to give a summary of the most important yearly festivals one can find in Peru.

Marinera Festival - Trujillo

Looking for your next weeklong getaway? Why not try a 7 Day Peru vacation package

Peru has a wealth of destinations and diversity few countries in the world can compete with and therefore by just visiting Peru one can easily travel for months in this fascinating country. Nevertheless as in any country, Peru also has its sites that stand out against the others and prove to be a larger force in attracting visitors. One of the great things of Peru is that these sites can easily be combined in a week long adventure. Your first stop on a 7 day Peru vacation package would be the capital of Lima, home to almost 30% of the country’s population.

Dakar 2013 – The great race!

Last year Peru was the last country the race passed through and was the proud destination for the final 4 stages and the finish on Lima’s main square. This year the tables have turned and Lima will be the starting point for this race, which is the largest of its kind on the planet. The 2013 Dakar Race will visit Peru, Chile and Argentina during more than 2 weeks through this amazing continent. The drivers will have to tackle several different landscapes and terrains such as stone and sand deserts, highland plains and mountainous back roads.

Where is my black shirt (mi camisa negra) - Juanes in Cusco!!!

Yesterday the famous Colombian singer and Grammy Award Winner Juanes arrived to the Imperial city of Cusco. He will be performing a concert Friday evening 14 September in the “Jardin de la Cerveza” on the Avenida La Cultura in Cusco. On arrival yesterday at the Libertador Palacio del Inka in Cusco the singer from Barranquilla was welcomed by hundreds of fans waiting for a glimpse of this super star of Latin Rock. Yesterday the star had a day off and today visited the beautiful city of this ancient city and the impressive Sacsayhuaman Ruins just outside of Cusco.

Celebrating Peruvian Cuisine; the Mistura Festival Lima

In the last couple of years Lima has claimed the title of culinary capital of South America and this festival is the ideal location for visitors to find out for themselves the culinary wealth of this amazing country. As a fact, many visitors will immediately recognize the fondness of Peruvians when it comes to food. Often the first question when encountered with a Peruvian host is; “so what is typical food from your country”, after which a long explanation follows about their favorite Peruvian dishes and the regions where these are best found.

5 Reasons why Machu Picchu is a must see place for 2013

Earlier this year TripAdvisor readers voted Machu Picchu as their number 1 world attraction to see in 2013. Whether you hike the world-famous Inca Trail to the site, or take a spectacular train journey through Peru’s Sacred Valley, why not make Machu Picchu your go-to destination this year?

Here are 5 reasons why Machu Picchu is top of SATO’s list for 2013:

1.       You could discover a piece of hidden history

South America’s largest restaurant happening; Mistura Lima 2013

Lima over the last couple of years has established itself as the new culinary star of South America and every year in September proves this to the rest of the world with a culinary fair that can be ranked among the best and most diverse in the world. After the incredible success of the Mistura Fair over the last 5 years, the organization this year has opted for a new venue in the city to hold the fair this year.


Anthony Bourdain back in Peru!

Parts Unknown. In an earlier show “Without Reservations” he already came to Peru to explore the Andes Mountains, with as highlights Cusco and Machu Picchu. This time he returns to the Land of the Incas with his friend, world-renowned chef Eric Ripert to discover the culinary scene in Lima and he could not have chosen a better city to visit!

3 days in the Amazon Tambopata National Park - Day 3

After breakfast at 6am we set off for the final excursion of our 3 day stay; the famous canopy walkway. The Inkaterra Canopy Walkway is one of the longest in Peru and truly impressive with its two towers reaching about 25 meters up into the jungle canopy connected by 7 different bridges, the longest well over 30 meters in length. At the end of the canopy walkway there is also a special cabin one can spend the night in and even have breakfast on top of the canopy towers.