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Free entrance to many of Peru's museums on the 18th and 19th of May

Among the many museums of Peru that have opened their doors to the public one can find the Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru, the Tombs of Sipan Museum, the ancient Chan Chan site and the pre Inca site of Pachacamac. On May 17 at 10am there will also be held an inauguration ceremony outside the Ministry of Culture building to celebrate and open this first International Museum Day in Peru.

So come and discover some of the many wonders of Peruvian history and enjoy the workshops and additional performances that will be taking place on both these days.

Dakar 2014 – The Bolivia chapter

Dakar 2014 organizers were eager to discover new and unique terrain for this year’s route, and were won over by what Bolivia had to offer. As the Bolivian landscape is one of the most interesting and diverse in South America, a new route has been specially developed for Dakar Bolivia. The drivers will pass from Salta in northern Argentina into Uyuni in Bolivia, where they will undertake a two day “marathon” stage around the south of Bolivia. During a marathon stage, no assistance vehicles are permitted, meaning that drivers and teams have to fend for themselves.

Inti Raymi 2013

As the Inca did not leave behind much written knowledge it took several archeologists and historians (based on the writings of the first Spanish conquistadores) around 1948 to create the first reenactment of this ancient celebration, regarded as the most important in Inca times. Up to  today, the Inti Raymi festival is based on their findings and most likely a very good approximation of the original celebration in the same places as during 15th & 16th century.

Now you can fly from Cusco to the Uyuni Salt Flats - Bolivia & Peru Vacation packages –


With Amaszonas now flying to Cusco, this means that there is again a good and trustworthy connection between Cusco and La Paz. Four times a week there is a direct flight from La Paz to Cusco and back to La Paz. The flights operate on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

How to choose the right Peru travel agency for your Peru vacation

Therefore the first task is to have more or less clear what type of vacation you are looking for and how much you would like to have organized. Often people want to travel more adventurously while heading off with making only the minimum of arrangements and therefore would only need to buy some tickets such as the entrances to Machu Picchu, trains and domestic flights in advance. Nevertheless this does mean that even though you have most days free to do what you want, you do have to be at certain sites at certain days and some planning ahead is required. 

Peru; the World’s Leading Culinary destination!

For most people who have already visited Peru this should not come as a surprise but for many people who have not yet had the chance to come to Peru this maybe sounds a little strange seeing that the other nominees are for instance universally recognized culinary destinations such as; France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Mexico and Thailand. Nevertheless among Peruvians and foreigners living and travelling in Peru there is a sense of “it was about time” for this award.

What to do in Cusco on a free day?

Therefore, if time allows, we always recommend our passengers to, on top of a Cusco city tour, to have another free day to spend in this city. The name Cusco city tour can be a little misleading as the tour is mainly focused on the 4 Inca sites located just outside of Cusco and in the city center only visits the main square, the Cathedral and Qoriqancha-the Temple of the Sun.