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  • TrujilloBiggest city in North Peru
  • A region with lots of history as can be seen from the impressive ruins of Chan Chan
  • A colonial city center built by the Spanish
  • Close to Huanchaco, a fishing village known for its traditional way of fishing using Caballitos

Trujillo is the country’s third biggest city after Lima and Arequipa and the largest city in the north of the country. Located at about 8 hours’ drive north from Lima, this region has a large history that started thousands of years ago. The city itself was constructed mainly by the Spanish and this is to be seen in the strong colonial architectural influence you can see in the city. The Plaza de Armas is particularly nice.

At about 30 minutes from Trujillo you can also find Huanchaco, a small fishing village. The village is especially known for its fishermen “riding” their Caballitos, or small fishing boats made out of reed. Most people coming to Trujillo however come for seeing the ancient ruins left behind by the Norte Chico and Moche Cultures.


The best known is Chan Chan, the world’s largest adobe city ever built. The site comprises about 20 square kilometers made up out of large walling structures some decorated with interesting figures. Other interesting sites around Trujillo are the Temple of the Sun and the Moon. The main structures are two pyramids, the largest found in South America, at about 500 meters distance from each other. All these sights, together with the great food of the region, make this definitely an interesting 2 or 3 day extension to your visit to Machu Picchu and the South. As your Travel Representative for more information!!!

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