Organizing a trip to a foreign country can be a little overwhelming at times; language barriers, cultural differences and the little prior knowledge mean that organizing a trip most of the time starts with research. Nowadays it is no longer about finding the information, it is about selecting the correct and up-to-date details.

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  • IcaKnown for is Pisco, the Peruvian brandy which is produced here
  • Is located in a green valley in the desert
  • Huacachina, located at 10 minutes from Ica is a true natural oasis in middle of large sand dunes
  • Ica and Pisco, located at 40 minutes’ drive from Ica were both severely hit in the 2007 earthquake

At about 300Km south of Lima one can find the city of Ica. Ica is a relatively large city located in the desert that stretches for most of the Peruvian Coast and is mostly known for its large number of Bodegas producing Peruvian wine and even more Pisco. It is this city together with the smaller city of Pisco that produces most Pisco in South America and claim to be the birth ground of Pisco (a claim that the Chileans also make – having their own city of Pisco). Another reason to visit Ica is the natural Oasis of Huacachina, located just outside of Ica. This is a natural Oasis surrounded by large sand dunes that make you almost forget that you are in Peru and not in the Sahara. The weather is nice almost all year round and an afternoon buggy ride is like a true rollercoaster ride through endless views of sand dunes. Some of these sand dunes are the highest on the continent and provide great sand boarding opportunities as well.


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