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Colca Canyon

  • Colca CanyonThe second deepest Canyon in the world with depths well over 3000 meters
  • The deepest canyon in the world is the Cotohuasi Canyon about 200Km north of the Colca Canyon
  • The Colca Cayon is more spectacular due to its Inca Terracing and snowcapped surroundings
  • The Colca Canyon is home to many Condors, which can relatively easy be spotted from the Cruz del Condor Viewing Point halfway the canyon.
  • The women in the Colca Canyon are known for their colorful dresses.

Located at about 200Km from Arequipa there is another record breaking destination; The Colca Canyon. The canyon can be reached from Arequipa by 3 hour drive taking you through some amazing landscapes. Passing besides the Misti Volcano and travelling through the Salineras National Park, known for its population of wild Vicuñas, a small member of the llama family. After the park you will come to what may as well be the highest point on your trip; at 4900 meters above sea level you will pass by the Mirador de los Vulcanos, or the Volcano Viewing point. From this high point (you are now higher than the highest point in Europe) you can see several active and inactive volcanoes in the distance. From here you will start going down until you reach the town of Chivay. Chivay is the biggest village in the canyon and most hotels are located around here. There is also a very nice hot spring just 5Km out of Chivay.

Colca Canyon

The Colca Cayon is the second deepest Canyon in the world, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA. The deepest canyon in the world, the Cotohuasi Canyon, is actually also located in the Arequipa region at about 100Km north of the Colca Canyon. The Colca Canyon may be a couple of hundred meters less deep than the Cotohuasi Canyon, but the Colca Canyon is more impressive as the sides of the canyon are made up out of old Inca terracing all the way to the border of the canyon. Furthermore as the canyon is surrounded by snowcapped mountains, waterfalls and amazing views, there will be more than one moment when you will be surprised by the beauty of this region. If this would not be enough, the Colca Canyon is also home to the Condor. This majestic bird, the largest flying bird on the planet, lives in the Colca Canyon and the Cruz del Condor may as well be one of the best viewing points for these birds in the world. The Colca Canyon with is amazing landscapes, colorful inhabitants, choice of fauna and flora and proximity to Arequipa make this definitely one of the top destinations in Peru.

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