END OF THE WORLD - 10 Reasons why your next Vacation should be one of our Peru vacation packages

END OF THE WORLD - 10 Reasons why your next Vacation should be one of our Peru vacation packages

As 2012 has been acclaimed to be the year the World would end, it may be a good time to contemplate the places you would like to see before this “Doomsday”. Therefore, to take some of the pressure of us and not have to say we said so later on, I hereby would like to make a case that Peru may be that destination. 

calendarSeveral of the places people may want to put on their “What to do before Doomsday” bucket list are located in Peru making one of our Peru vacation packages the “Once in a Lifetime vacation” you are looking for. Following we would like to give you 10 good reasons for choosing one of our Peru vacation packages in 2012; 


Peru holds one of the new 7 wonders of the World; Machu Picchu.

This amazing Lost City of the Incas, perched in between lush green mountains

 is an undisputable highlight for almost everyone doing one of our South American or Peru vacation packages. The site was discovered about 101 years ago and photographed millions of times but the awe one feels when arriving to the site is indescribable.  


World’s largest and most diverse Rainforest; The Amazon Rainforest.

This ancient forest covers almost 60% of Peruvian soil and makes for one of the best places in the world to experience life in the jungle, see wildlife in its original habitat and participate in some not-every-day-tasks such as fishing piranhas, a swim with Pink Dolphins or hunt for caimans. 





Visit a desert; a “bucket list destination” for many people is the desert.

Visiting the desert to experience the quietness, feel the heat and see what it is like to have only sand around 360°. What few people know is that one does not have to go to the Sahara to experience this. No, Peru is home to some of the driest and largest deserts in the world. From one of our Peru vacation packages you can enjoy the desert around Ica and Nazca; here you will find some of the highest sand dunes in the world, experience different types of desert and even can camp out in the desert. 


The Land of Extremes.

Peru holds more extremes than any other South American country where if you choose one of our Peru vacation packages, it will provide you with more bragging rights than any other South American and few other countries in the world. After visiting what country for 14 days can one say that they have seen the world’s second largest desert town (Lima), one of the driest deserts in the world (Nazca), one of the oldest & biggest Monasteries in South America (Arequipa), the deepest canyon in the world (Colca Canyon), the highest navigable lake in the world (Lake Titicaca), the most ancient city center in South America (Cusco), the largest jungle in the world (Amazon Rainforest), and of course the famous lost city of the Incas Machu Picchu.  


Get to know a true mystery of the world; the Nazca Lines.

When thinking about taking one of our Peru vacation packages you may also want to think about visiting some of the mystery Peru holds. Besides the mystery of how an ancient civilization is capable of building a site like Machu Picchu on a tremendous place like they did, you also may want to have a look at the Nazca Lines and contemplate “how the hell…”. 



Try new food.

Peruvian cuisine is one of the fasted growing when it comes to reputation and innovative cooking. Lima got recently elected to be the official Culinary Capital of

South America and this is noted by the large quantity of amazing restaurants that one can find in Lima and most major Peruvian cities. That is why people often look for an additional Lima culinary tour to add to their chosen Peru vacation package . Peru is definitely a destination one should have seen, heard and not in the least, tasted. 


The Latin Fever.

As the Latin fever is spreading all over the world in the form of language, music, dancing, and food all over the world, why not use your holiday to learn how to speak Spanish, dance Salsa or prepare ceviche. Our Peru vacation packages can easily be combined with some Spanish classes, dance classes or even cooking classes. Peru offers you all these options with great, local and reputable schools offering all this and more.  


Worship the sun.

Many people will look for sunny destinations when looking for their next vacation. Why not find a sunny destination where they also worship the sun in a unique way. The Inti Raymi; every year at June 24 the Inti Raymi or festival of the sun is celebrated in Cusco. This is the day the Incas used to make sacrifices to the Sun God and asked for a good harvest and prosperity in the next year. What better year to ask the gods for a favor than the year the world will end…


Peru for a long time has been known as a backpacker destination with plenty of budget options. Nevertheless in the last couple of years Peru has gone through a re-invention of itself by catching up with the world’s hippest destinations. Peru now holds some of South America’s greatest hotels, resorts and lodges. Any destination you may want to visit in Peru right now can be visited in class and style. Peru boosts some of South America’s best Spa’s, excellent restaurants and superior services to enjoy every moment of your stay here. Who would not like to see Machu Picchu on board of the luxurious Pullman Trains such as the Hiram Bingham train, after Machu Picchu soak in his own Jacuzzi and see the jungle with the comfort of a 5* lodge. 


Of course the most important reason not to wait too long anymore with one of our Peru vacation packages is the potential enclosing end of the world. What if the Mayas were right and this would be your last chance to go somewhere spectacular…where would you go…





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