Organizing a trip to a foreign country can be a little overwhelming at times; language barriers, cultural differences and the little prior knowledge mean that organizing a trip most of the time starts with research. Nowadays it is no longer about finding the information, it is about selecting the correct and up-to-date details.

Meet Peru Travels Online. Our mission is to provide Peru travelers the opportunity to explore Peru through the eyes of those living and working here.


Peru Destinations Information

Following is a map of Peru with some of the main destinations in this country. Of course these are by far not the only destinations we can offer you, just the main destinations. In case you have a specific place in Peru in mind that does not appear on the map, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team

For more about the main destinations, please hover over the map and click on your destination of interest for more information. In case you are interested in trips to other surrounding countries you can click on the country names on the map for more information.