Where is my black shirt (mi camisa negra) - Juanes in Cusco!!!

Yesterday the famous Colombian singer and Grammy Award Winner Juanes arrived to the Imperial city of Cusco. He will be performing a concert Friday evening 14 September in the “Jardin de la Cerveza” on the Avenida La Cultura in Cusco. On arrival yesterday at the Libertador Palacio del Inka in Cusco the singer from Barranquilla was welcomed by hundreds of fans waiting for a glimpse of this super star of Latin Rock. Yesterday the star had a day off and today visited the beautiful city of this ancient city and the impressive Sacsayhuaman Ruins just outside of Cusco. Tonight he will be performing his new show as part tour in Peru consisting out of three concerts. The other concerts take place in Arequipa and Lima. He will be playing some of his greatest songs such as “La Camisa negra” for the thousands of local fans as well as people from all over the world visiting Cusco. Entrance tickets are still available. 

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