South America’s largest restaurant happening; Mistura Lima 2013

This year, like the last five years Lima will be home again to Mistura, the largest food & restaurant fair on the South American continent.  The fair will take place from Friday September 6 till Sunday September 15. During these days, over a 150 restaurants and eateries will be exposing some of Peru’s most famous national dishes and novelties to the local and foreign public.
Lima over the last couple of years has established itself as the new culinary star of South America and every year in September proves this to the rest of the world with a culinary fair that can be ranked among the best and most diverse in the world. After the incredible success of the Mistura Fair over the last 5 years, the organization this year has opted for a new venue in the city to hold the fair this year.
This year the Mistura Fair will take place at the Pacific Coast of Lima, more particularly the new Costa Verde Park located in the Magdalena neighborhood of the city. This newly constructed park will be one of the new highlights of the city in the coming years and tries to connect Lima again with the Pacific Ocean. As the park is located at the seashore and Lima always had a great fame with it comes to seafood, it should not be a surprise that the theme this year is “living with the seas”. This will be reflected during the fair in the broadest sense of the word as there will not only be a large part of the fair dedicated to seafood but also will host numerous presentations, lectures and workshops about all aspects of “living with the seas”.
One of the main features from this year’s Mistura Fair is therefore a huge “aquarium type” building, over 600 meters long that will host many of these connections with the seas.
As last year, besides the yearly theme’s the fair is divided into different parts of Peruvian culinary culture and this will provide for sure every visitor with his or her favorite part of the fair. The main areas include; Southern Peru, the Amazon, the Andes, Oriental influences, Criolla Food and Sandwiches. Apart from these subdivisions there is also a lot of attention to some typical Peruvian ingredients such as coffee, cacao and quinoa.
Peruvians will often tell a foreign visitor that a visit to Peru starts and ends with a good Peruvian meal. Therefore, if you would be visiting Peru during September, do not let this opportunity pass by and visit this amazing fair allowing visitors to immediately dig in with fork and knife into Peruvian culture!
The fair is open from September 6 till September 15, every day and starts daily at 9.00am and can be visited till 11.00pm. The entrance fees are 20 Soles (US$8) for adults and 10 Soles (US$4) for children.  The fair can be reached from Miraflores with shuttle busses departing from Parque Kennedy (about a 30 minutes’ drive).  Tickets can also be bought at Wong and Metro Supermarkets all over Lima. As the fair gets very popular in the weekends, especially during these days it is recommended to get your tickets in advance.
¡Buen provecho!

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