Peru; This is your next luxury vacation destination

There used to be a day when discovering Peru was only for the hardcore travellers with little or no need for luxury or comfort. As Peru has now established itself as one of the top destinations in South America, mainly under the impulse of the popularity of the Lost City of the Incas; Machu Picchu, luxury tourist facilities are more and more on the increase and no longer a rarity when traveling through Peru.

Before one could only find good quality 5* hotels in Lima but once outside Lima the search would become quite bleak. Over the last 5-10 years, amazing 5* hotels, belonging to some of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world have been popping up all over Peru. Nowadays you can find top end 5*hotels in almost any Peruvian destinations such as Paracas, Arequipa, the Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and even some of the jungle lodges around, have 5* allures. Another difference is that where these 5* hotels in Lima have a more business traveller point of focus, in other cities these hotels are built and designed to accommodate and entertain the most demanding travellers. In the last couple of years the increase in 5* hotels has surpassed the increase in 3* hotels, making competition quite fierce. Therefore hotels now have to stand out when it comes to service and hotel amenities. This is why one can now find a great Spas and amazing restaurants in almost any of the 5* hotels mentioned in the cities above.

The Monasterio Hotel in Cusco

Luxury travellers are of course not only attracted by the level of hotels. They also want to have the real experience and see the sites but with a little more comfort. This is another facet where Peru has been evolving rapidly. The times that one had to walk to Machu Picchu, take the bus to Lake Titicaca or travel for days to reach the Amazon Rainforest are long gone. In recent years there is a luxury option for all of these transport methods. Travelling to Machu Picchu now can be done with the luxury Hiram Bingham Train, a typical Pullman Luxury train that takes you there in the highest fashion possible. Traveling from Cusco to Puno nowadays can be done with the high-end Andean Explorer Train taking you there in full luxury. Wanting to travel to the Amazon Rainforest; take a domestic flight for an hour and an hour later you are sitting in your lodge at the river with a cold cocktail in your hand.

The HIram Bingham Train to Agua Calientes

Another very fast changing aspect that attracts luxury travellers is the high level of culinary experiences that Peru has to offer for its visitors. Peruvian cuisine was has been long recognized on a South American level but over the last couple of years this image has grown substantially on an international level. This has expressed itself in an amazing collection of restaurants in Peru with high quality ingredients and a fusion of cooking styles seen in very few countries before. Whether it is a quick lunch or fancy high end dinner you would be looking for, in most Peruvian cities you will not have to look far.


Therefore, next time you are considering traveling in luxury and style, forget about the luxury destinations you already know and have look into Peru as your next luxury vacation destination.

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