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  • NazcaThe mysterious Nazca Lines can be found just outside Nazca and the best way to visit the Lines is by flying over them
  • Parts of the Nazca Lines can be seen from a watch tower besides the Panamerican Highway
  • More than 300 figures have been recorded
  • Another interesting site is the Chauchillas Cemetery, 30 minutes from Nazca

At about 2 hours south of Ica the city of Nazca is located. The city of Nazca is mainly known for the famous Nazca Lines. In the Nazca desert, the presence of over 300 figures and over 10,000 lines has been recorded, covering a huge area of 525 km. The Lines were probably designed by the Nazca People, but much more is not known about them. As the lines are so extensive and the drawing so correct and some quite complicated, the main question is how a people not having the ability to fly have made such large drawings. Most flights over the Nazca Lines leave from the Nazca airfield but it is also possible to fly from Ica or Pisco. Some of the lines and drawings can also partially be seen from a watch tower 10 minutes out of Nazca. Another interesting site around Nazca is the Chauchillas Cemetery. This ancient cemetery is made of open graves in the desert with the actual mummies till inside. The field is covered with bones and graves and is quite the horrific spectacle to see. Just outside Nazca there is also a small pre Inca ruin to be found and an impressive construction of channels made to irrigate the fields with water coming from the Andes.


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