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Ballestas Islands

  • Ballestas IslandsAbout 3 hours’ drive south of Lima
  • The National Park Paracas is located here as well as the neighboring Ballestas Islands
  • The visits are only done in the morning due to water conditions
  • The Ballestas Islands are home to about 150 species of birds and many other marine animals such as sea lions, penguins and even whales
  • In the Paracas National Park one can also see the “El Candelabro” a large geoglyph in the form of a 3 legged chandelier

At about 3 hours south of Lima at the coast you can find the city of Paracas. Paracas is not really worthwhile being a desert city, but people come here to visit the Paracas national park and the Ballestas Islands Reserve. Both are close to each other and often visited in one tour. The Ballestas Islands are the most interesting ones as they have a wide variety of wildlife and provide shelter for thousands of seabirds and hundreds of sea-lions. The islands are home to over 150 species of marine bird including the Humboldt penguin, cormorants, boobies and pelicans. Even condors have been known to visit. On the shores can be seen large numbers of sea-lions and with a bit of luck it is even possible to encounter dolphins and even whales. Most tours also pass by “El Candelabro” a large geoglyph in the form of a 3 legged chandelier. This massive drawing, even though a couple of hundred kilometers away, has been related to the geoglyphs in Nazca.

Ballestas Islands

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