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  • ArequipaNicknamed the “White City”
  • Altitude; 2400 meters above sea level
  • Mild climate with little rain
  • Located at the foot of the Misti Volcano
  • Famous for its Plaza de Armas, Cathedral and Monastery

Arequipa, also known as the” White City” is Peru’s second biggest city in terms of population but also in terms of economy. The city’s nickname stems from the extensive use of sillar, a white volcanic rock that is quite typical for the region, in the construction of the houses in the city center. The city center is laid out in a dam pattern with the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) as central point. It is the main square that forms one of the most famous attractions of Arequipa as this is recognized as being one of the most beautiful squares in Peru. On one side you can see the proud cathedral with its two towers and on the other three sides colonial arches typical for the time the square was built. From the terraces on the second floor of the plaza one can see the Misti Volcano towering behind the city. Another main attraction of the city is the Monastery de Santa Catalina. This monastery taking up several blocks in the city center is one of the older in Peru and largest in South America. The monastery is partially still in use but can be visited. When it comes to museums, Arequipa does not have the quantity as Lima, but does have one museum that stands out; Museu Santuarios Andinos. This museum has a single exhibition that is the Ice Princess of Ampato. Ampato is a snowcapped extinct volcano where a mummy was found of a young girl. The young girl was nicknamed Juanita and the original mummy can be seen in this museum.


Besides all these places of interest, Arequipa is also a city with a very mild climate, amazing hospitable people and amazing food.

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