Anthony Bourdain back in Peru!

The famous chef and television figure Anthony Bourdain recently came back to Peru as part of his new show on CNN; Parts Unknown. In an earlier show “Without Reservations” he already came to Peru to explore the Andes Mountains, with as highlights Cusco and Machu Picchu. This time he returns to the Land of the Incas with his friend, world-renowned chef Eric Ripert to discover the culinary scene in Lima and he could not have chosen a better city to visit! Lima already claimed the title of “Culinary capital of South America” and over the last couple of years, is only reinforcing this image with numerous amazing small and larger eateries popping up like mushrooms all over the city and with the organization of South America’s largest food festival Mistura. In earlier days you had to be in Miraflores or San Isidro to find the better restaurants but these days these great restaurants can also be found in other parts of Lima such as La Victoria. Anthony discovers this when he visits Chez Wong, one of Lima’s most famous cevicherias, with at the chopping board, Chef Wong himself, a legend among Peruvians and with visits like this soon to be an international star.   

For a preview on the show and to get a taste of the “City of Kings” Lima, please click here;


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