Some details about Peru Travels Online

For all the tours and excursions we offer we can give you two possibilities, private tours or shared tours.
But what is the difference between shared and private tours?
Shared tours are tours that are done together with a group. You and your travel partners will be part of a group of a maximum of 15 people doing the tour or excursion. The number of people on these shared tours differ from tour to tour but we make sure that the groups will never have more than 15 passengers. Obviously on a shared tour you will have less time to ask questions and as there are more people the schedule will be somewhat stricter to get all the excursions done.
Private tours are tours that are only done by you and your travel partners, accompanied by your own guide and driver. As you will have your own guide, this gives you more time to ask questions. Furthermore you will enjoy some more flexibility in the schedule as the transportation and logistics take lesser time than with a group.
In general private tours are somewhat more expensive than shared tours as the cost will be divided among several passengers. Nevertheless as soon as you would be travelling with 4 people, the difference in price will be minimal for private instead of shared tours.
In any case if you would have private or shared tours, some things remain the same, the buses to Machu Picchu and the Inka Express bus to Puno will always be in shared service. Nevertheless with any tour or excursion you book with us you will be picked up from your hotel and brought back to your hotel at the end of the tour.