Some details about Peru Travels Online

We are aware that people travel with different budgets and have different priorities when travelling. This means that some people do not care too much about the hotels, meanwhile other people do want to enjoy the luxury of a nice 5* hotel when on holiday. Then again some prefer to have private tours for all excursions in order to have more question time and flexibility, meanwhile others do not mind being in a group and get to know some other travellers. These different priorities that people may have made us decide to put up prices for three different types of travel on our example itineraries.
The standard packages are packages making use of all good quality 3* hotels, all shared tours and transfers and the standard level of trains. The superior packages use all prime 4* hotels, a combination of shared and private tours and all private transfers. The train type used is also a Superior train. The luxury packages are packages with all overnights in the top 5* hotels in Peru, all private tours and transfers use the luxury Hiram Bingham for the trip to Machu Picchu.
Keep in mind that as all our packages are customizable these packages purely serve as examples and that you can combine any standard service or accommodation with any superior or luxury service or accommodation.  Therefore if you are thinking about a trip to Peru and are looking for a personalized tour made on your preferences, do not hesitate to contact us.