Some details about Peru Travels Online

As you may have seen on different parts of our website, all our packages are customizable. But what does it mean that our packages are customizable?

The fact that our packages are customizable means that we can adjust almost any part of the package to your preferences. We do not organize group trips and all our packages (no matter the number of passengers) are designed personally. This starts with the dates of your trip. We can start any trip on the date you prefer and end on the date you want. Furthermore with our itineraries you can choose between shared and private tours and even combine the two as there may be sites that interest you more than others. The same goes for hotels, we can make you an itinerary of purely 5* or purely 3* hotels but we can also combine these in order to get a somewhat more economical trip but still enjoy a “splash” of luxury in one or several destinations. Finally, all our Travel Representatives are professionals who take pride in providing you with good and trustworthy information regarding hotels, tours and other services. He or she will clearly communicate with you whether a certain hotel is worth the extra money or if a shared tour or private tour may be more adequate for you.  Therefore, if you are looking for a trip to Peru and may have some special requests, do not hesitate to contact us and our Travel Representatives will get in touch and go over your preferences and requirements for this trip.