Some details about Peru Travels Online

Being based in Cusco and having direct contact with all our operators and hotels, we also have the advantage that we are quicker on the ball when it comes to last minute reservations, with one phone call we can find out availabilities for most hotels, know what trains are available and tours that can be arranged. We also work with a large range of hotels in the whole of Peru, assuring us that in case there would not be availability for one hotel we can provide you with a hotel of the same level. Therefore in general our prices will not increase when it comes to last minute arrangements. The only variable would be airline tickets as these can increase quite some when it comes to last minute bookings. One thing to keep in mind that is that with last minute bookings we will need to ask for a higher deposit to cover the initial costs.

So if you all of the sudden would be thinking about travelling to Peru and you may think it would be too late to book, do not hesitate and contact us and see if we can provide you with an awesome trip on the last minute.