Some details about Peru Travels Online

About the SATO Travel Team

Peru Travels Online is part of the SATO Travels SAC website family and is the specialty website focused on travelling in Peru. Peru Travels Online was set up by three travel professionals from three different countries willing to pass on their years of travel experience and local know how to their clients in order for them to have the trip of a lifetime. Whether North, South, East or West Peru, Peru Travels Online provides the whole package.

Paula is one of our Travel Consultants. Born and raised in Ireland, Paula left home two years ago to travel South America and Australia. After a year of travelling, she decided to settle in Cusco, Peru. Paula studied Journalism in Dublin, Ireland and she still blogs and writes part-time. She has a lot of sales and customer service experience and is enjoying the new challenge of working in Peru!

Eugene After working in IT and Customer Service related roles for around 8 years I decided to take a break from the normal and go travelling around South America for a challenge and to experience South American Culture and to take in some sights.  After travelling for 3 months around South America I stopped off in Cusco to settle down for a while.  

Vanessa is our “Peruvian Connection”. Born and raised in Cusco Peru, she studied Tourism both in Peru and abroad and is more than familiar with the tourist industry in Peru and beyond. Her years of experience in the hotel industry makes her an expert in what a good hotel should look like and this is the kind of inside information that our clients appreciate. She is our personal contact with all hotels and operators and an important resource when it comes to the details of your trip. And we all know that the difference lies in the details.   

Stephen was born and raised in Ireland, Stephen is our in-house IT specialist and web-designer. He has lived and worked in several South American countries where he was in charge of elaborating multiple tourism websites and initiatives for a range of international companies. Nowadays he decided call Cusco home and to put his years of experience in web design & South American tourism to use for the SATO Travels website family. 

Seppe is the true in-house expert of the company when it comes to travelling in South America. Originally born in Belgium he has wandered most South American countries for years either work or pleasure. He has lived for over 5 years in Peru, both in Lima where he studied and in Cusco which he decided to call home 4 years ago. Having studied international business in Amsterdam and Lima, he after his studies focused on tourism as his main interest and does so until the day of today. He is the company Sales Director and in charge of making sure that our clients receive the personal attention we feel is necessary to provide in the tourism industry. He speaks fluent English, Spanish and Dutch so feel free to write him in any of these languages.  


Being such an interesting and diverse country to travel in, Peru is definitely a country where it definitely helps to work with a locally established travel agent in order to receive the best and most complete services and excursions. Peru Travels Online is such a company; Based in Cusco, Peru, we have a close relationship with all our operators, guides, drivers and of course hotels all over the country. This gives us the possibility to provide you with services and excursions we have done ourselves, sleep in hotels we have slept in and being transferred by drivers we have been transferred by. Furthermore this close relationship also assures us to get the best prices for our services and hotel overnights; a difference that is passed on directly to our clients. All this assures us that we can provide our clients with well-planned tours, excellent services, complete packages and of course the best price / value on the market.  Additionally, being present in the country gives us the advantage of playing on the ball when it comes to unforeseen circumstances. If there would be a strike, problems with transportation or weather issues we would be the first to find out and make adequate arrangements for our clients.  

Furthermore we strive to provide all our clients with a complete personalized service from the moment they contact us to the moment they would get on their return plane. This we do by assigning a personal Travel Representative to all our clients who will guide them through the process. All our Travel Representatives are experienced professionals in tourism who speak fluent English and have travelled most of the continent. Your Personal travel Representative will go together with you over your personal preferences and combined with the wide range of options we can offer for tours, excursions and hotel overnights, come up with the perfect itinerary for the vacation you are looking for. We speak the language, understand the quirks and have travelled the entire continent and have lived and worked for many years in Peru and South America. Therefore if you are looking for Peru specialist to help design your ideal trip to this amazing destination, do not hesitate to contact us now!!!