7 Day Peru Vacation Package

It often happens that all of a sudden you realize that you have a couple of days off from work and have the need to escape from the day to day life. In general no matter where you live there will be several options you can explore for this week-long escape from everyday life.

In this blog we would like to make a case for a little more unusual destination to think about for a 7 day vacation package but nonetheless a great alternative. For people from the USA, a week-long adventure to Mexico, Puerto Rico or even the Dominican Republic is not that far-fetched but few people would consider Peru in this list.

Therefore hereby we would like to point out the reasons why a 7 day Peru vacation package first perfectly in this list.

Direct flights; Lima is getting more and more important when it comes to large South American airport and transfer hubs, resulting in more and more direct flights from the USA to Lima. One can find direct flights to Lima from several major US cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Washington and New York. With a bit of searching you should also be able to find these return flights well under a grand.

Adventure; Peru is maybe not the beach destination Mexico and Puerto Rico are but then again for many people a week long adventure is more relaxing and vitalizing than spending a week lying on the beach. If it is one thing Peru has to offer it is adventure. Discovering lost Inca cities, hiking among snowcapped mountains, exploring the Amazon River or even sand boarding on one of the highest dunes in the world, all these activities can be done in a 7 day Peru vacation package.


Great facilities; Peru, as an up and coming destination, is rapidly growing when it comes to top notch tourist facilities. What used to be a backpacker destination has now reached the general public and this translates itself into great new hotels and other facilities being built all around the country. The time that one had to sleep wherever possible are long gone and now one can enjoy in almost any Peru destination, hotels of the highest standards, amazing internationally recognized restaurants, Spa’s and other services to pamper yourself during your 7 day Peru vacation package.


Good transportation & connections; being such a large country, it is obvious that there should be good connections and internal travel possibilities. Having not one but 5 airlines that cover domestic destinations from the coast via the highlands to the jungle, travelling in Peru is not difficult. One can fly from Lima to Cusco on a daily basis with over 25 flights departing every day. This large number of flight connections and domestic airports makes that even in an as short as a 7 day Peru vacation package you will be able to visit several of the highlights this country has to offer.

Countryside; Peru, being a destination with such a diverse geography, it is no wonder that the views that can be captured here are amazing. Especially the Andes Mountain Range make for some “literally” breathtaking views guaranteeing awe from all admirers of the pictures you took during your 7 day Peru vacation package.

Itinerary; so what would the ideal 7 day Peru vacation package look like?

As most international flights arrive to Lima in the late evening and there are no connecting flights to Cusco at this time, you will most likely have to spend one night in Lima. In Lima you can either head to the uptown area of Miraflores, located besides the Pacific Ocean or with very late arrivals stay at the Lima airport hotel. On day two you would fly from Lima to Cusco where you will spend the night. In the afternoon you can enjoy a city tour of this Imperial City, one of the oldest on the continent. On day 3 we would suggest a tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and maybe even enjoy the night here in the tranquility of this beautiful valley. On day 4 and 5 you can enjoy a two day visit to the amazing site of Machu Picchu and maybe even hike Huayna Picchu Mountain for the amazing views from here. On day 6 we would recommend to have a free day in Cusco to explore this beautiful city or maybe embark on an excursion to the sites of Moray and the Saltpans of Maras. On day 7 we would return you to the airport for your flight to Lima from where you can connect with your international flight and a couple of hours later arrive back home…

Honestly, why not consider a 7 day Peru vacation package as your next weeklong getaway…

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