3 days in the Amazon Tambopata National Park - Day 2

As we were notified today would make for an early start. We had chosen a relatively heavy program for the day and this meant departing at 6am. We ate breakfast at 5.30am and at 6 were ready to set off for another day in the jungle. After about 20 minutes boat drive on the river we reached the entrance of the Lake Sandoval located within the Tambopata National Park. Here we had to register and it took about 40 minutes walking through the jungle to reach the lake. On way to the lake we saw several impressive birds and even some Capuchin Monkeys. The lake used to be part of the Madre de Dios River but due to sedimentation the lake was closed off from the river, making room for a new ecosystem in the jungle. The water turned from brownish to a more clear color as the mud settled on the lake floor. The lake is surrounded by high trees making a great habitat for several tropical birds. The lake itself is inhabited by a large quantity of fish, otters and black caimans – different from the ones we saw the night before who live in the rivers. We peddled on the lake for about an hour in a small canoe giving you a great feeling of what local people live like in this region.

After a visit to the lake we returned to the jungle entrance from where we had to walk for another 50 minutes to reach another lodge by InkaTerra, the Hacienda Concepcion for a great buffet lunch. The Hacienda Concepcion Lodge is the newest lodge of Inkaterra and is housed in a renovated large wooden structure that used to be a hospital for the people working in the jungle in rubber, coffee or other plantations. Nowadays the main house holds the common area of the Hacienda Concepcion and several rooms for people staying here. Outside the main house there is a beautifully kept area and here one can find 12 amazing cabins, comparable with those of Reserva Amazonica.

Besides the lodges there is a small lake we visited after lunch where one can find the remnants of the Fitzcarraldo Boat that was used in the middle of the last century for the transportation of rubber (a documentary about the movie has been made about the boat with Mick Jagger as the lead role), The movie is http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083946/ and the documentary is http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083702/. After this visit we were taken to the botanical garden of the Hacienda Concepcion Lodge to get some more knowledge about the amazing plants to be found in this natural park. From here we headed to the pier of Hacienda Concepcion were a boat was ready to take us back to Reserva Amazonica for a necessary shower and siesta. The siesta was amazing but was ended quickly as we had planned to discover the jungle by night with our guide.

At 6.30 the guide came to pick us up and took us into the darkness to the border of the jungle were we told to keep our flashlights to a minimum and to try to have our eyes adjust to the darkness. After a couple of minutes we set off for an excursion in the dark. Don’t ask me how he did it but the guide recognized spider after spider and insect after insect, truly amazing. By the end we returned to the lodge after having spotted several Tarantula’s, webcasting spiders and strange types of insects and plants that are more active at night. At the lodge we enjoyed another great dinner before heading back to our cabin and turning in with the sound of the jungle. 

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